Brand Development/Product Naming/Package Design/Glass Bottle Design/Point of Sale
White Rock Distilleries noticed a void in the imported premium vodka price tier and wanted to develop a brand that would stand out in an increasingly crowded market. The challenge was to communicate an imported quality product while keeping the packaging costs to a minimum. The brand had to be able to expand into a line of flavors with little added expense.

Finding a trademark-able name that had a youthful energy was the first step in the process. Once the name “Epic” was secured, we set about on the second phase, which was to create a proprietary look that gave the product a more expensive feel while not pricing ourselves out of the market. We developed copy and art to enrich both the story and visual appeal of the brand and to further enhance this richness, we worked with a glass manufacturer to design a bottle that Epic could call its own.

Epic's refined design and unique position immediately caught the attention of the trade as well as consumers. As sales were beginning to take off, the brand was purchased by the Sazerac Company in 2012.

“Kate brings creative intelligence to the challenges of the branding process. She often devised visual solutions that could only have come from her unique vision. She has a rare combination of being both creative and analytical.” 
– Paul Coulombe, CEO, White Rock Distilleries
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